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Subject: Spanish

Title: El Acordeón De Luis-Simplificado

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A concise summary of the more comprehensive course "El Acordeon de Luis" by Luis Davila. For those of you who have completed the full course before this will hep you revise quickly and keep your Spanish skills topped up. For those who haven't done the full course but have studied Spanish for a year or two (or more) this will obviously be very beneficial and it will introduce you to "El Acordeón de Luis" method.
Pre-Intermediate level required minimum.
About the Author
Author: Luis Davila | Luis Davila is the author of the popular Spanish course "El Acordeón de Luis" also available on the LH2 platform. He is from Monterrey, Mexico and has been a language teacher for 28 years. He has lived in the UK since 2001 where he has taught Spanish privately at home, at companies on behalf of the prestigious language institutions Simon & Simon and Chris Polatch, and for the Caerphilly Community College in Wales. Luis also loves to play guitar and watch football.
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Miguel Noble
Excellent course. Very enjoyable. Recommended.
Review Date:
21st January, 2021 15:48:27