LH2 for Tutors

We provide the platform and our Tutors provide the talent and their materials to publish courses. That is why we believe that each tutor should get a real partner’s share of each of their course sales. We recognise and value their effort by offering as standard more than 54% as a minimum, which is typically very favourable over other platforms in the industry. To put it in perspective, more than double the returns you can expect from many popular platforms.


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Based on a course price of £9.99 - (54.95% Tutor Return)

LearnHow2 Earnings Model

Based on a course price of £25.00 - (56.2% Tutor Return)

LearnHow2 Earnings Model

Anybody who has valuable knowledge to share can become a tutor. Learn How 2 aims to provide tutors with a practical platform that makes posting online courses easy and fun. Our “Course Builder” is the ideal tool to help you structure your course easily!


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  1. Decide what you want to teach.
    Does it help others to improve their skills and abilities? Does it satisfy an existing need? Is it something that will improve people’s lives? Do you have a unique approach or view to learning a certain topic? Then it’s worth sharing it through a course!
  2. Try to create a unique brand or image.
    This will make it easier for your learners to identify and follow you! It could be as simple as your name, as long as you’re consistent with the way you use it.
  3. Make a course and lessons plan.
    This is key. The plan will guide you through the production and it will save you time. You shouldn’t start shooting videos without a clear plan first. So, plan the topics to cover, the duration of lessons and the teaching aids and methods that you will need. Short and concise videos of no more than 30 minutes each are generally more effective.
  4. Plan your production.
    It can be as simple or complex as you like. From a straightforward video recording using your mobile or computer, to a video that includes powerpoint slides, animations, pop-up images, effects, sound editing, etc. The most important thing is the value that your course provides, and that is best achieved by planning your lessons well.
  5. Provide well-presented and well-made supporting materials, like documents, video and audio files. They add a lot of value to your course.
  6. Create your course using the LearnHow2 Course Building Tools.
    It will help you to structure your course in well broken-down lessons, with the corresponding supporting materials for each lesson.
  7. Get feedback throughout the production process.
    Ask people to give you their opinion on the lessons that you have recorded and the supporting material that you have created. It will help you improve and make sure that you achieve your teaching and quality goals. This is critically important to do before submitting your course for approval.
  8. Spread the word!
    Build your audience through social media and other marketing channels. Your course plan should include brief advertisements that you can post on social media easily.
  9. Think about offering a free introductory lesson, even if it’s a chargeable course.
    Courses that offer free, high impact introductions are very popular and have got better chances to succeed. If you decide to offer one, it’s probably best to record your “intro” after the whole course has been made. That way you’ll know exactly what it entails and you’ll be able you describe it accurately (number of lessons, total duration, etc).


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